Exclusive Look at the Making Of a Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Olimpia Handbag Guide Trusted Dealers

In September I shared a closer look at one of the exclusive Bottega Veneta bags created to celebrate the new Handbag Main Floor at Bergdorf Goodman. This bag was probably my favorite of the lot, as the bag itself showcases a three-dimensional effect to highlight a map of Manhattan with the clasp being Bergdorf Goodman.

In late October, artisans from the Bottega Veneta atelier in Vicenza, Italy were on hand at Bergdorf Goodman to showcase and demonstrate how this bag was crafted. Vlad and I have had the pleasure of seeing the Bottega Veneta artisans at work three times now – once in Italy, once at the NYC flagship, and in October at Bergdorf Goodman.

The experience is something to behold and it helps showcase the craftsmanship that goes into creating a Bottega Veneta bag and continues to show me why I love my Bottega Veneta bags so much; not only are they beautiful to look at but also they are made by hand, and that can’t be said for many bags anymore. This bag is exclusive to Bergdorf Goodman and a limited edition. Price is $3,500 and you can buy each version here: pink, yellow, black, red, blue, and gray.

In 2001 Bottega Veneta has been obtained by Gucci Group, today Kering, which enabled the brand to expand into other production venues such as ready-to-wear, shoes, eyewear, home goods and luggage. Following the acquisition, Bottega Veneta began collaborating with celebrated photographers such as Nan Goldin, Nick Knight and Annie Leibovitz to create enticing advertising campaigns.To solidify their commitment to Italian crafting, Bottega Veneta started a school to train future leather craftsmen. Bottega Veneta’s refined and distinctive sense of brand identity have made it a major luxury brand.Reliability is most likely an underrated attribute, both in people and in vogue brands. Seasonal flash is fun and also merry-go-round of imaginative influences at a new is interesting, but if it comes down to it, the accessories which many women (and guys, progressively) desire are only functional and beautifully made. In Bottega Veneta, Tomas Maier has been making bags which are exactly that, and he continues–with a few tiny tweaks–such as Pre-Fall 2017, which only debuted.The collection’s bags are still distinctly, obviously Bottega Veneta, but a number are a little more slight than Bottega bags have been around the past several years. The bags in particular cut a slimmer profile, and also the collection adds a number of new micro bags which are small in a way Bottega’s day bags have not been in the past. That is in keeping with an overarching industry trend, of course, but it is also in accord with the group’s sparer proportions in general. Check out all the bags from the lookbook below.





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