The First Pre-Fall 2018 Bag Collection Has Debuted, and It’s From Bottega Veneta Handbag Replica Wholesale Center

This season, the brand leans even further into the fun it had in Spring 2018

There are brands that pop into my head when “fun” comes into mind, but usually Bottega Veneta Bags Ebay Uk Replica isn’t one of them. That’s no shade on Tomas Maier and his crew, of course; rather, the company’s aesthetic has long been more careful and contemplative, with wearable clothes and bags for very fancy and deeply sophisticated people. It’s hard to maintain that elegance and also have some fun, but that’s exactly what Bottega Veneta tried with its Spring 2018 collection, and things worked out beautifully. Now, the brand is back with a Pre-Fall 2018 collection that Maier says will bridge the spring looks to what Bottega has coming for fall.

The collection does seem very much related to that which came before it, especially in the use of color, patterns and embellishment. The bags are still unmistakably Bottega Veneta, of course, with plenty of signature intrecciato leather and careful incorporation of exotics. There are no big bag shape debuts in this run; instead, it’s full of well-loved BV classics. Check out all the bags from the lookbook below.

[Photos via Vogue Runway]

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Bottega Veneta is a brand that deserves all the praise and accolades it receives. The totes exude understated elegance, and a number of the current selections would be the most exciting for me personally from the brand in a while. Bottega Veneta Bags India Replica continues to style bags that are modern and eye-catching while also being instant classics. No Bottega Veneta bag I have ever feels outdated or beyond its prime, as the brand has discovered a way to design bags that I will gladly last season after season and year after year. When we shared with a preview of Bottega Veneta Cruise 2018 luggage, many of you were just as enamored by the collection as I was, and now I have a closer look at one of those standout bags from the collection: The Piazza.We loved this bag so much when we first watched the Cruise 2018 bags we used it to lead the article because we believed it’d be the most enticing new layout. This bag has everything I adore from Bottega Veneta; it’s refined and sleek while still being daring and different. The Piazza is called after the square that functions as the core of a town. In Italy, the Piazza is the center of public life, and this bag will be the middle of your look. The brand refers to the bag as refinement and discretion intersected with whimsy and vibrance. It’s classic and truly tasteful, as all my beloved Bottega Veneta bags are. The Bottega Veneta Piazza can be best described as a traditional top-handle bag with an elegant, modern spin. Tomas Maier made this bag to be incredibly functional, from the optional shoulder strap (which is a statement piece) to the inside pockets and soft construction.
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